Crowds with People

Our group had one less person because she ended up in the hospital last night due to dehydration. Yes, it is hot and we each believe we are taking the correct precautions, but this person and spouse are flying back home to further her care. (This is why trip insurance is important)So, after breakfast the rest of us flew to Amritsar, about a 70 minute flight, then drove about an hour and stopped at a temple. It is not a famous one but they all have significance, and it being a Sunday everyone was visiting too! Once shoes were off and we worked our way to see the shrines, people were asking me for a picture with them! It was a good opportunity to interact despite the language barrier. Our group felt like celebs…it was funny! We all posed…fun.Lunch was at a restaurant that seems to be in the middle of renovation projects everywhere on the street of where were.. However the place was beautiful and I had fish, rice, mashed potatoes, salad, soup, and ice cream with chocolate sauce. The manager surely has his pulse on marketing as he handed out reminders to review the place on Trip Advisor. Otherwise I am not sure people would even drive down the street-in-need to locate the place, so we’ll send our positive message out.

We checked in at our hotel with an hour to organize the only allowed items to pass through 3-4 security checks. After what seemed a 45 minute ride we hopped out and were told to organize. Need to go to Th red groom …gents one door, the women have their own private spaces. The groom had 10 denominations pinned onto him, the bride had a beautiful colorful dress.As we walked further along the Wagah Border there were preparations made between 2 military countries (India a d Pakistan) while the spectators on opposite sides of the border have some song singing, dancing, yelling and flag waving!
Future photos will show the variety of wear and the marching the soldiers do complete. Some photos I had taken of women as I stood on line and then I shared with them what the photo looked like. Enjoyable activity.
Finally the choreographed marching, their dress uniforms with high and very high stepping down. Cheers from Indian side try to drown out Pakistan side, but not much luck. Flags lowered and now for 20,000 Indians hto find there way!
Long day for us, but this was an interesting day!

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