Vitamin “D” for Me is Bicycling Outdoors!

Whether it is mountain or road bicycling, I enjoy the outdoor time on my bicycle. When younger I backpacked and hiked quite often, but I was always more amazed how much ground I could cover on a bicycle. And while I may hope to ride cross-country at some point, right now my vitamin D is the sunshine I get while bicycling outdoors!

I see my hands and gadgets clicking away my miles…

Thirty beautiful miles!
Thirty beautiful miles!

along with various wildlife running or flying across my bicycle path: mourning doves, ground squirrels, roadrunner, various-sized lizards, rabbits, Gambels quail, and an occasional snake! Today I saw these people riding their horses in the Santa Cruz River bed. I would love to see more people out there on horses, but I would really like to see water in this river! With more and more watershed management happening, maybe someday that will happen, along with a good monsoon storm. In the meantime, I will enjoy this bike ride and also consider this my way to have vitamin “N” for nature!

What a great place to ride!
What a great place to ride!

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