Seize the Day…Go for a Bicycle Ride!

Do you have a seizure-disorder or epilepsy? Have you wanted to go for a bicycle ride? Please be aware of a new group in Tucson, AZ supporting those individuals who may have a seizure-disorder or epilepsy AND do want to bicycle ride. Every other week the ride is listed with the GABA bicycling group in Tucson and called Carpe Diem. Any person 18 plus years of age and older…we have 70 year olds riding too….can ride with the group, along with support and family members. Anyone can go for a ride with the group!

A few of us, along with me, were trained to be an assistant ride leader for this group. We want to support interested bicycle riders and have them know we are aware of how to support them if a medical concern arises. The riders also learn more about bicycling etiquette, the fantastic bike loop in Tucson, and the delicious places to stop for coffee, snacks or lunch as we ride on neighborhood bike boulevards and visit areas of interest.

You’re in the Tucson area and just want to join, please do so. You know of someone who could benefit from this type of supported ride, send them this blog post or write back to me and I will help make it happen. Or, simply be aware of this bicycle ride and spread the word. I know people with seizure-disorders and epilepsy are out there…let’s help and encourage a supported bike ride for the person! Thanks!



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