Educate Me About Saladitos, Please.

You know how we joke about never seeing a particular red car and then all of a sudden you begin to see it everywhere? Well that is how I am feeling about saladitos?

I had no idea what they are, and actually I still have little idea. I had seen them at the supermarket and then at the drugstore. They hang in small and large plastic bags simply stating they are dried salted plums. Hmm…here in the southwest maybe it is an easy way to keep some salt in my diet, especially after a sweaty bike ride or tennis match. So I decide to actually purchase a bag.

Well, someone really needs to educate me about this food. Here’s what happened. I popped one dried salted plum into my mouth. They are salty! Very, very salty!! I think I took in enough salt to last me at least 2 days. Then I was looking for the plum….yes, it is dried …so much so, I had a difficult time getting any sense of a fleshy something. The pit seemed larger than anything so I rolled that around in my mouth. All of this activity lasted about one minute or less because the salt was just overwhelming!

I have a whole bag of these saladitos! What to do. I researched it on the web. Some people love these things! Some wrote about the fleshiness of them. What? Am I eating the same snack as these people? I see no recipe so I decide I will soak one dried salted plum in some water for a day. Okay, now I truly see no fleshiness to this item and it is no better in my mouth.

So please someone educate me about saladitos before I toss the bag! Thanks!

How to enjoy dried salted plums; let me know ASAP!
How to enjoy dried salted plums; let me know ASAP! Thanks!