Photo101: Solitude …with Rule of Thirds

One great thing about rock climbing is, even though you know someone is at the other end of the rope, it is all up to you as you climb…and for me that is solitude. I am sure these climbers are enjoying each other’s company as they scale this wall at Red Rock Canyon (stop at first parking lot, hike in, and watch!)

My future goal is to get from indoor wall climbing to climbing outdoors! And to learn more about photography…rule of thirds, maybe here. 

Are we having fun yet, or should we go higher?

Photo 101: Street

Fremont Street in Las Vegas has always been on my list of places to see. It is a street closed to traffic and the other end has a canopy over the street, the length of a block. From dusk to midnight, on the hour for about 10 minutes, there is a laser light show on the canopy. It is colorful and with loud music, especially as you stand under a speaker! (They seem to be everywhere!) Lots of people are walking the area or on line for Heart Attack Grill and other establishments.