Birds in Santa Rosa, CA

We stay at the wonderful Gables Country Inn Bed & Breakfast to relax, eat delicious breakfasts, visit local wineries, ride various bicycle paths in the Santa Rosa area and bird watch at the B&B. Here are some of the birds I saw on their property … and unfortunately some of the birds new to me I was not able to catch a good photograph of them … darn …chestnut-backed chickadee and oak titmouse!

California quail, similar looking to our AZ quail.

Other birds:

California scrub-jay
California towhee
Hooded oriole – looking up at the bird.
Red-tailed hawk
Western bluebird

Birding in the morning, bicycling midday – only when there is no heat wave, and always end the day with some delicious wine! Retirement has its benefit even as we see high gasoline prices, a Covid world still here, and so many more places to visit! Time to get on with the day … and enjoy life. I hope you have the opportunity to do the same … be sure to do so when you can!

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