Twelve Days of Family & Friend Time

The State of New York state’s website, required anyone coming in to the state, not from a bordering state, to complete a “New York State Traveler Health Form” within 24 hours of arrival. So I did. People said to me, oh you do not need to do that. With a two thousand dollar fine for not doing so, again according to their website, I was not willing to take the chance! (By the way, I did have one check via phone on how I was feeling since my Covid vaccinations, yet I did not think it was related to the NYS check.)

Driving onto Long Island was horrendous; traffic from miles before the George Washington Bridge continuing on the Cross Bronx Expressway, Throgs Neck Bridge and Southern State Parkway — all a nightmare. I realized I did choose to put myself in the traffic so I could enjoy time with family members who live on Long Island. (If I wished to avoid all traffic, I could have traveled at 3:30AM, but that was not happening!) Borrowing my PA sister’s EZ-Pass allowed me to zip through toll booths and pay the tolls. If I was not successful in displaying the pass, the state takes photos of car licenses and will mail me my bill. (Something to look forward to when I get home!)

Enjoying time with my family is always fun. My mom enjoys her senior years with her friends and various activities, such as watercolor painting. I am so proud of the energy she puts forth and can only wish I too have it when I am 90 something! She lives independently with, as my sisters and I refer to, a “village” that helps my mom in so many wonderful ways, allowing her to live independently. I had time to help with shopping for food, clothing, and other odds and ends needed around the house, and helping my nephew put plants in my mom’s garden. I also had time to hang out and talk with another sister and my mom at home, the beach, or a local bar to enjoy German food and beer. We are grateful for our good health and ability to live the life we each wish to achieve. As different as we each are, our parents did raise four independent females who respect one another.

I checked local areas for birds and did watch monk parakeets build their huge nests just blocks from where my mom lives. My mom and I drove to and stopped at some beaches by Jones Beach State Park and Fire Island. With the heat and humidity we were thrilled to feel the blowing wind! Of course, we had to stop at a gelato place to enjoy a cold treat after hours in the sun.

Yellow warning car light is on! My PA brother-in-law had determined which tire was with a slow leak and sure enough it was low again while on the island. I got my car tire plugged since it was discovered to be a nail causing the slow leak. Fortunately the nail was in the center of the tire and I did not need a new tire. I wonder where I picked that nail up?

I returned to Pennsylvania where my sister and her husband have their alpaca farm. They have lots of daily work to maintain that operation. While photographing their place, I realized I loved capturing the faces of the alpacas! 

Spending time with friends was a special treat, especially when some have been decades-old friends. Now I live thousands of miles away from them and do not see them as often as I may have hoped, so getting together with them on this trip was truly fun! It is amazing to share memories and laugh about old times. I wished I could have stopped by to visit more friends in Lansing, Ithaca, Buffalo, and other towns in New York State, but my priorities for this trip were to share time with my mom and my very best friend which is to happen in upcoming days.

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