Day 30: Grateful

I have plenty to be grateful for every day! So with today’s daily prompt of “grateful” it seems the perfect time to revisit kindness in my world.

I am appreciative of and love my life partner who understands me and supports goals I set, even when others may question my sanity.

I am grateful for all my family members. Although I do not live near any of them, I hope they know I care and love them.

Friends, near and far, are wonderful. I am thankful for what each person adds to my life; whether an activity we share or moments listening to me.

In our current Covid-19 days, I am all the more grateful for all first-responders handling medical responsibilities, teachers creating virtual lessons for their students, parents and guardians caring about the welfare of their family members, essential workers at distribution centers, grocery stores and pharmacies, police and fire department personnel, and people working at food community banks, take-out restaurants, and all the support staff working to keep these people and places safe and clean.

I was riding my bicycle today thinking about all I am grateful for and here was a good example of social distancing between person on horse and another on a bicycle! Thankfully we can be outdoors and give each other the space we need to remain well. I am grateful for all people who are doing their part to flatten the curve! Thank you!

Grateful for social distancing!

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