Day 29: List (help for me!)

Everyday I have a list. Truth be told, I may even have a couple of lists.

I like a list, written the night before, of activities to be accomplished by me the next day and if I have any packages coming to the front door. This list is most important to me because I am not convinced I am awake enough to think of these things in the morning and remember them during the day. Plus, by the end of the day I truly enjoy marking off all the things I did do! Unfortunately, some items will go onto the next day’s list.

I also have lists for various activities: bicycling, tennis, pickleball, etc. The reason I do these lists is because I know I will forget my Garmin when I go bicycling, so it is on the list! Do I check these lists each time I am getting ready for an activity? No … and when I forget an item, it is annoying to me as I know I should have these lists memorized by now! On the other hand, I tell myself why do I need to memorize or even remember the items when I do have a list! Hmmm…

I have lists for traveling too. Hiking trip to remember the hiking poles and bug spray! Bicycling trip to remember Garmin and bug spray! Wine tasting and vineyard visits in any place other than Arizona, sunglasses and bug spray! The other item I need to remember is a raincoat or umbrella. I forget when leaving Arizona that other places actually have insects and weather! So my lists are helpful!

A list a day keeps me organized and feeling accomplished once all is done on the list!

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