Day 28: Focus

Outdoor activity is an important part of every day for me. A big reason I live in Arizona is to enjoy an outdoor activity or two each day. It may be tennis, pickleball, road bicycling, hiking, birding, mountain biking, wildlife photography, or in the evening dark sky some star gazing.

The activity that requires my utmost focus is mountain biking! I choose what times I ride my mountain bike because I know if I am not ready to watch exactly what I am doing it is very easy to be hugging a cactus, riding into a sandy spot or deep hole and lose control. Not my idea of a good time to have any of that happen! I am an advanced beginner bike rider and wish to ride for at least another 10 years. No part of me ever wishes to be in need of medical assistance, so I am the first one to walk my bike when I need to do so.

I like loops I can ride twice in a day. The first time around the loop I am especially cautious and focused because I am most often just waking up in an early morning hour and out on the trail before the air temperature climbs to high … heat is a concern in Arizona, April – August! The second time around the loop I realize I need to remain focused because this is when I can become too comfortable and careless and bad things can happen very fast!

This is not to say my eyes do not wander off to look at the magenta flowers on a cactus, the hare running across the trail, or the mileage on my Garmin. I do look … quickly … and know if I want to take time to really look at something, then it is time to stop my ride, grab a drink of water and look at the scenery! Then I hop back on the bike, focused, and riding the miles back to the car for the ride home to a well-deserved shower! No thorns on my body or in my bike tires… an excellent ride!

Photo taken in AZ winter as clock shows afternoon time!
Jumping cholla cacti are the worse! Watch for them on the trail; no fun changing a flat tire.

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