Day 27: Team

Habitat for Humanity projects necessitate team work! While I have participated in various projects in NYS and AZ, my most recent project was in Poland, yes the country of Poland! A group of us from central Arizona traveled to Gliwice, a town north of Krakow, Poland. For 5 days we worked on an old building needing renovation for future use as a center for young people with addictions.

Half of the volunteers chose plastering work. The others, myself included, chose to pull up the flooring in each room. We discovered linoleum on top of another layer of linoleum which was on top of some very old wooden boards. Under those boards we found chunks of wood holding the floor beams apart and dirt… all needing to be removed! This work REQUIRED a team of people to even make a dent in the overall project.

Crowbars, muscle, sweat, hammers, shovels, brooms, and more muscle and sweat from everyone at work! It was back-breaking work, but we looked after each other as we tried to rotate some of the jobs around and took time for water breaks, snacks, and a walk to an ice cream/bakery place in the local area. Lunch was provided each day with a wonderful opportunity to sit down and time to see the other team members and their plastering work. Amazing … another example of great team work!

This project will not be entirely finished for some time as there is plenty of work to be done, but it will get done with more teams coming in to help. Kudos to Habitat for Humanity – Poland for the work they are doing! Their team is the best. They made our stay enjoyable as we helped them with their project. It would be wonderful to return to Poland and see this project completed with the young people making use of the facility. Someday I might be able to make that happen!

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