Day 26: Hidden

I spent more than an hour in one spot bird watching. Why? Did I have nothing else to do with my day? No, I find to photograph birds one needs to be patient, plus I did have plenty of time.

I was watching a house wren fly in, pass me and then disappear. For the longest time I could not figure out where it was going? In the forest underbrush and upward to its canopy of leaves there were plenty of places for this wren to go and be lost to me.

I changed my position, waited for it to fly by me again, and began to narrow down the field of landing places for this bird. On one fly-by the bird had a blade of dried grass and it slowed the bird down as it tried to enter a hole in a tree knot. Finally I saw where the wren was building its nest! It was hidden yet also in plain view once one knew where to look!

The wren did plenty of work and also took time to rest between flights. As a result, all of my time observing and the bird’s work easily involved more than an hour. The location of the wren’s home is safe with me.

House wren takes a breather while working on a nest on the next tree.

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