Day 25: Magic

This is magic to me … use of editing tools on my photos.

I know these tools are not really magic; however, to use them and more clearly see a bird in a photo surely seems like magic to me! I was in a canyon looking for a particular bird and using a new camera lens. I waited an hour and finally saw a few birds in the area. One was right above me and not with the best light for photographing it, but it was a bird I hoped to see. I snapped a couple of shots and the bird was gone.

Not till I was home looking at my photos on my computer did I know if I captured the bird in a photo. I am new to the editing programs so I simply hoped for the best and tried some “magic” to the photo. No doubt better lighting at the time of the shoot would have helped tremendously!

While this is still really a rough photo, otherwise I would refer to it as a lousy photo, it does prove to me I saw the bird I had hoped to see. There is enough information in the photo for me to identify the bird and that was the magic at work for me!

I do remember the old days when I would wait days for a roll of film to be developed, often times with really lousy photos on the roll when I finally saw my work. Today, I love digital technology and the magic of the editing tools! Now to get outdoors again and take a photo with better light.

Red faced warbler

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