Day 23: Note

Recently I started, what I call, a digital “virus journal”. I write what the day was like, what I am grateful for, my concerns, or whatever enters my mind. Each daily note must be ten lines or less.

I had journals while growing up. However, after writing for years I realized I had no interest reading about my past. I tossed the journals to the garbage believing anything worth remembering, I probably do remember! Trip journals are more important for me and to this day I do keep one per trip.

This virus journal is a quick way for me to be mindful and in the present moment, reflective upon the day, and to note anything that may be important a few months from now. No doubt, when the vaccination is available for Covid-19, I most likely will toss this digital journal too.

Time to sit and write today’s note.

3 thoughts on “Day 23: Note

  1. Same! I find it valuable to write a journal — but unless it’s a travel journal I doubt I will ever read it again. Haven’t yet been brave enough to actually toss them. PS I love the photo.


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