Day 21: Instrument

I could tell you about my younger days with clarinet and piano lessons, a challenging 5 years of my life for this non-musical person; however, the best instrument for me has always been my camera! I love photographing landscapes and wildlife. This instrument, my camera, allows me to play with light as I photograph various things; love it!

Lately I noticed I see more birds when I do not have my camera! As a result, I carry a small camera so I can capture a photo when simply out and about. There are times I carry a heavier camera and lens, but sometimes I want a fitness walk without the strength training workout! Most often I have my iPhone and it has an okay camera.

I get really excited when I have my camera and see something unique. Here was the moment I saw a gila monster! I have only seen one of these creatures once before; I did not have a camera with me then. In the time I took my camera out, the gila monster crossed a pathway and headed into the brush, but I have a photograph! Did I use my instrument, camera, with the best aperture opening while taking this photo… no … but at least I see the gila monster! As I continue to use my instrument when in a rush, the next gila monster will have a better photograph! Practice, practice!

Gila monster.

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