Day 20: Music

I can listen to most music. When I am in my car I choose a music channel dependent on my mood. Will it be hard rock, blues, classical or the 80’s? It may even be Broadway tunes! Interestingly, it is only when I am driving my car or flying in an airplane where I mostly listen to music. Hiking or bicycling times are for listening to nature; no ear buds here.

When I travel, I love to attend organ concerts or evening music presentations around the world. I have heard fantastic quartets, choirs and musicians. Whether sitting in a beautiful church in Poland, a cave in Portugal, or on a grassy knoll in New York, it is time to relax and enjoy the music!

Last year I met a musician; it was the bird on his head first capturing my attention. Actually, he was not much of a musician, but I loved his spirit! Yes he strummed some tune, walked away realizing none of us were appreciating his talent, and returned just before we took off. With some change from my pocket, this Moroccan man allowed me to photograph him. Music takes all forms which is why I love travel and music!

Moroccan musician and his bird!

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