Day 19: Three

Three months ago my three younger sisters were putting finishing touches on their air flights from east to west coast to visit me. This week was to be our “sister week”! We have it one time per year as a way to stay physically in touch with each other and simply relax. It is always a fun time to laugh, visit new places, try new cooking ideas, and/or simply be.

I was looking forward to showing them the Pima Animal Shelter, Sonoran Desert Museum, Funny Foot Farm, Arizona Zipline Adventures, Tucson Botanical Garden, Tohono Chul Park, our “loop” for bicycling and walking, Pima Air and Space Museum, and hiking trails in my backyard: Sabino Canyon, Agua Caliente Park, and Mount Lemmon. I have not been to a couple of these places … I put off a visit to make it a fun new experience for us all. We may not have gotten to everything, but I know they would love the desert, the dark night sky, the birds at my new feeders, and southwestern and Mexican food! And we certainly would have loved the time spent together! Now I do not know when our visit will be! This year I hope!

I have to say I am not happy with all the Covid-19 happening around the world! Please do your part for us to hopefully get out of quarantine and move on with life. I will love giving my sisters a hug while they visit me here and see my retirement life.

My sisters need to see desert beauty!

One thought on “Day 19: Three

  1. I know your disappointment as we have a few family events on the calendar that are doubtful now. I am so grateful to have beautiful outdoor space where I live accessible all year.


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