Day 17: Distance

A whole variety of things pop into my head when I think about our daily prompt of “distance”.

  1. Friends and family are on the other coast of the US and I travel that distance a few times per year, yet I am grateful for the friends within a few hours drive from here.
  2. Terms such as “social distance” and “physical distancing” will be the 2020 additions to our overall vocabulary as we move forward.
  3. The distance I bicycled solo, self-contained across a few US states was satisfying for my first adventure …600 plus miles!
  4. When I mountain bike ride in the Sonoran Desert, I often think of the rider I saw cycling across the Sahara Desert in Morocco in November.
  5. Teleconferencing with family has been a wonderful way to make the distance between us not seem so great.
  6. Some days I am walking the neighborhood; I always see an Amazon vehicle. I wonder what distance the driver travels every day on average.
  7. What mountains are they in the distance? This area is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges.
  8. Keeping my distance from prickly pear and jumping cholla cacti. No flat tire today, thank you!

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