Day 15: Scent

New to me, in this part of Arizona, is the number of horse properties. I do not ride horses; however, I do think they are beautiful animals. But the one scent I dislike, especially when hiking on a trail, is horse manure … plus … the excrement is always in the middle of the trail!

People complain about dog poop. More often it can be found on the side of a trail. (Not everyone picks up after their dog, darn!) People complain about roadkills; those smell absolutely horrible but are usually on a roadside.

When I am bicycling I can smell a roadkill well before I reach it. Often I try to guess what animal it might have been. Today surprisingly, it was a skunk carcass. I had not realized skunks are in southern Arizona, but they are.

No horse manure out on the road today or at least not seen by me from my bicycle! I was happy to not be on a hiking trail as I saw the horses ahead of me. Yahoo; no horse manure, just skunk!

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