Day 14: Book

There are probably a few books that transformed me during my lifetime; however, one book I most remember is John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley. I recall he had a buck-toothed dog, Charley, traveling with him. He washed his dirty clothes in some container in the back of his vehicle that sloshed around as he drove. The book was entertaining for an 11 year old who simply wanted to know about adventure and travel and thought it a brilliant method to do laundry on the road!

In combination with camping and travel my family did the next 6 years, it prompted me to wonder and travel about the USA, then Europe, then the rest of the world. Now in the days of our current pandemic, I still explore places close to home, away from people, and enjoy learning about the local fauna and flora of the area. Steinbeck’s book made me realize early on in my life how enjoyable travel can be. I still love to travel!

Our local area in Arizona.

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