Day 13: Teach

Thank you math and science public school teachers from my past! You were the individuals who made me realize the importance of learning. While I thought I would use the math and science background to some day be a general practitioner, it was late in my first year of college when I decided I wanted to teach.

I remember being home on break and watching my mother stir tomato sauce at the stove. I thought what a great time to break my news to her, especially since I figured she would be happy to hear I was following in my parent’s footsteps … they were both teachers. I told her I decided on my future career, to teach! She turned her head to look at me and simply said, well then be a damn good teacher!

And so I did! For many years, I taught the traditional science program to students in grades 7-9 science and also brought them outdoors to adopt a piece of land to research through 4 seasons. I had science shows on a television for students who wanted to escape the lunchroom and eat in peace … and watch Newton’s Apple or whatever. As I taught, I was learning more science and enjoyed students who asked questions. For me to teach was an honor. I knew it was something not everyone could do. Years later when I went into school administration, my goal was to support quality teachers. I wanted their energies to totally be with their students.

Teaching students to learn how to learn, question what needs to be asked, look at the environment around them and wonder, and to teach another as ones learning should never end was a huge undertaking. People who rise to the challenge should be recognized and rewarded! Thank you teachers everywhere … as you are not only in schools!

Teach young people to look, be curious, ask questions and protect their environment.

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