Day 10: Orchestrate

On a normal day I would know what the word “orchestrate” means; however, today I feel brain weary so I Googled its meaning: “to design or organize something, like a plan or a project”.

I did just finish organizing and walking a person through creation of a Facebook page and Gmail account and I think that all does count as an accomplished plan, but I wanted to be happier with a photo capturing sight of a hummingbird! My goal for today!

Tripod ready, check! Lens on camera, check! Lens cap off, camera on, wait and wait and wait for a hummingbird to show up … waiting and there it is at the other side of the flower so I have to move the tripod with camera. Bird is gone!

My plan was to capture a photo of a hummingbird. Does “orchestrate” also include being patient? Maybe it does, so I am trying again. Hours later the bird appears again and I am ready! Click, click, click goes my finger on the shutter button.

I am telling you now: to orchestrate all this took patience! I got a photo! Yes, I know I want to capture the wings without all that flutter, but for today this was perfect! Further orchestration can happen another day!

I orchestrated this shot!

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