Marines Killed 20 Years Ago in Marana, AZ

About a week ago, I was social distancing from everyone due to Covid-19 by driving area backroads an hour away from my home and looking for wildlife to photograph. I saw  an “Adopt a Roadway” sign, see below, and once home I researched what happened. I had not lived in this area in 2000 and did not recall hearing about this tragic accident.

News reports stated two aircraft left the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, AZ to run a simulated night time rescue in Marana, AZ. They were using night vision goggles and infrared radar to enhance their capabilities, but one of the aircraft crashed. Nineteen Marines were killed.

It was not till many years later the Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work wrote there were deficiencies in the V-22’s Osprey development and engineering, finally corrected after the crash. These Marines were willing to sacrifice their lives for us never imagining their life lost this way. They will be remembered.

April 8, 2020 … 20 years ago we lost 19 “semper fi”, always faithful, Marines.

Marines killed in Marana, AZ to be remembered. My photo of roadway sign.
Roadway sign prompting me to research what happened in 2000.

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