Day 8: Curve

Every curve is different!

Whether I look at the prickly pear cactus from the top or its side, I notice each pad has a curve slightly different from the other. And news reports of places around the globe indicate various curves too. For the moment I have escaped outdoors to look at things in a different light, yet I still cannot help but think of the latest curves I have seen in reference to the pandemic.

Has the number of coronavirus deaths curved so sharply to be referred to as a spike in more places? What about the curve indicating the number of unemployment applications seemingly off any chart we ever had. Economic indicators have curved up and sometimes down, and then sometimes up again!

Air quality has improved and the number of bicyclists has increased. I cannot help but notice those positives while I visit this local park, yet where I live we do have good air and plenty of bike paths already. According to the news reports though, other places around the world are truly seeing huge increased curves in improved air quality and bicyclists on the road.

Wait … I must take a breath. I am away from the news reports. I am in nature. Here is my moment to lessen the stress on my brain and heart. Do I see that bud of new growth at the top of the prickly pear pad? Yes, and I notice there are no thorns by it too … interesting … nice! Life goes on!

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Curve

  1. Really enjoying the creativity in your daily posts. You have a unique and entertaining way of seeing the world. I am looking forward to seeing more photos and your observations!


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