Day 7: Below

I am always looking about to see what birds are flying in the area. The other day I was standing below a Harris’s hawk perched on a telephone pole. I knew from the look in his eye he would soon fly off to capture his prey … I continued to stand below and watch.

Harris’s hawk looking for prey.

Then I decided what a great idea it would be to use my zoom camera lens to capture the hawk taking off in flight! I was a novice accepting this photography challenge, but I was below the hawk and hoped it would fly right over me! Everything happened so fast! In not knowing how to zoom in or out quickly, I took the photo and hoped I would have his head in the photo. I was beginning to think I was to close for the camera lens I was using; I figured it was all part of my learning curve! I soon discovered I was lucky and did get an okay photo from below the hawk! I’ll improve!

What luck! I was below the Harris’s hawk flying overhead!

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