Day 6: Hands

Our hands often move with an intended message or in concert with other tools to create art, music, etc. In our current pandemic we are reminded to “wash your hands,” but let’s take a moment and see our hands in action.

Would you understand sign language as a deaf person communicates with you or others? Did you notice the person standing with clenched fists and seemingly angry about something? How did you feel when you saw firefighters applauding first responders on the nightly news? Messages were sent and hopefully received.

Isn’t the pottery beautiful as the potter hands you a ceramic piece? What about the oil painting on canvas; did the artist capture a scene you often see on your daily walks? The potter and artist know how to shape things with their hands, and tools: potter’s wheel and/or paint brush. Such is talent!

Isn’t it amazing, a librarian with only one finger on lips can send a message to others to quiet down? Or how annoying is it to get one-of-the-fingers-on-a-hand waved at you while in traffic? How cute is it as a baby tries to put an entire hand in their mouth? All are trying to be successful, right?

Somersault, shoot a basketball, hold onto a tennis racquet, dial, push, pull … our hands allow us to improve our athletic skills and as I have grown older I know the importance of using my hands to open a can of food or bottle cap! Arthritis may be slowing the hands down, but with gentle yoga and tai chi to stretch the tendons in hands, life goes on.

Hands-on-deck or many hands make for lighter work while we may raise a barn, playground, or complete a Habitat for Humanity home. It is so true; when seeing other hands working alongside our own, there is a sense that nothing will stop a project from being completed! Yeah!

I have seen individuals who have no hands or no use of their hands. They are remarkable people accomplishing tasks some of us would complain about doing with our two hands! I think we all need to be more appreciative of what we have. While taking time to wash our hands these days, let’s be grateful we have them! Yes, hands down on that message!

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