Day 4: Street

I am a New York State person at heart; however, now I live in Arizona. The majority of the land in Arizona is public land. Thankfully, any place I have lived in Arizona these past number of years, there has been public land for me to see out my window. Any place I lived in New York State I was just a few feet away from my neighbor’s home … although for 25 years I did have an old hunter’s cabin to escape to in New York State’s Adirondack Park.

My point, I do not spend much time looking at a street and most of them I call a road. Calling it a street seems so urban, asphalt-covered, and readily directing me to a superstore or fast food establishment. The dirt-packed, rural, “street” to an outdoor location is the road of my choice!

From my home I like to look at a road and see a gateway to an adventure. Where the trail goes? How high is the water at the creek? Can I get across the creek today? What birds will I see? Will the bobcat or mountain lion make an appearance again? I ponder: why people drop trash in the parking lot or not park where they should?

How many more months of overflow parking will there be as people visit this public land from the back trailhead? I want this road quiet again, yet it will not happen until the virus is over and people can return to work. Then my road will lead me to my quiet haven again!

In the photos below, the “street” eventually turns to the left onto a dirt road and trailhead parking lot; whereas in the second photo, straight ahead the road ends at our friend’s home. For me, my focus is on the mountain trails in the distance and glad the road will lead me there … my escape any day, every year!

Down the “street” someone travels.
I am walking to the trailhead & hoping to find few people on the trail!

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