Day 3: Song

I admit it! I cannot sing a song to save my life! So glad it is not required of me to survive; however, I do enjoy listening to songs.

I don’t know why I never hear all the words in a song. More often I catch the melody, may hum along, and if I do sing-along I make up my own lyrics to the song! There was a time, so many years ago, when one could look on an album cover or CD insert to actually see the words in a song… no longer!

Kudos to the talented singers in our world, while I listen to them via the radio or attend a concert. May we always support the arts in our society so the future will hold more places for us all to enjoy a song or two.

Yet, I am an outdoors person and must acknowledge some of the beautiful songs I hear from our birds. I cannot help but feel delighted when I hear their chirping or melodic song so early in the morning. The morning tea kettle has a whistle, but birds and musical performers have a song! May they always sing on!

Male house finch often singing outside my door. I am sure the song is to me!

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