Day 2: Open

While out on our morning walk today, I was thinking about a package one of my sisters told me is in the mail for me. How wonderful it will be to see whatever is in the package! Then as a US postman drove by I wondered if everyone would be as interested in seeing what note someone would be sending to them.

With today’s writing prompt, “open”, I decided the photo of the card below would be opened and enjoyed, especially given the state of our current world! Open and know it was sent with love!

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Open

  1. I got mail the other day and it was so fun – it would have been great regardless of COVID, but it was great, and nice messages make all the difference! Cheers.


  2. I loved this post – I’ve been watching our postie go past each day, hoping that maybe there’s something out there for me. I’m going to send cards to people I’m thinking of to brighten their days after reading this – thank you for the inspiration 😊


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