Day 1: Joke

Today I woke up and did not know what day it was; a very creepy feeling as I felt I must be growing older faster than I thought and losing my mind! But I did recall this crazy saguaro cactus I saw just the other day … looked as confused in its growth as I do about mine! Did nature pull a joke on this cactus and me?

Today’s writing prompt is “joke”. Make no joke about it, this cactus and I have so much to make sense of! Why are there so many arms going in various directions on that cactus? Why am I so confused about what day it is? Was it Wednesday when I typically play tennis?

Then when I looked at my watch and saw the day and date, I thought, wow, April Fool’s Day on top of it all! With physical distancing happening, I had no one pull a joke on me. Except, the joke on me was not knowing what day today was! Tomorrow I think I will be okay! As for that cactus, who knows!?! Nature should win so I think the cactus will be fine tomorrow too.

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