Crisis Text Line is Open!

Anyone can feel stressed, lonely, and/or overwhelmed with “stuff” in their daily living to a point where they know not where to turn. Ever have that feeling? No one can change you or fix you, despite best efforts from friends or caregivers wanting to try. You know it is all on you, yet it can be too much … yes, just way too much! Where do you turn?

TEXT 741741 where you will find an available listener. People who are patient and there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you text. There is nothing wrong to have this caring connection, especially when you are stressed about whatever! People at the other end of the crisis line are there for you. Now you can TEXT 741741 and be heard!

While putting your feet in the sand and relaxing may help calm you, sometimes it does not … the crisis text line is here for you when you need it. TEXT 741741 when you need it … anytime of day. Take care of yourself!

Is your head in the sand too? You think you need help? Text 741741 for Crisis Line.

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