Final Notes on Peru

1. Electrical power is 220 volts; however, in some hotels separate 110 and 220 volt outlets are available.
2. Recycling of waste products is rarely seen in Peru with the exception of at their national parks.
3. Toilet paper is not thrown in the toilet; use wastebasket instead because the sewer system would get clogged…even in the best hotels and restaurants.
4. Indians in Peru live in communities where they own their land. The Indians outside of Cuzco area sold some of their land to the government for the new airport to be built and will provide them with employment.
5. Food, the not so usual for us, served at restaurants : ceviche made with a white fish or trout, baby alpaca raw or in stir fry, pisco sour drink, fresh papaya.
6. Tourists only drink bottled water. Glaciers are Peruvian's current source of water, and when gone desalination of water will be only option.
7. Indians do not trust the banks so they will build their house with available money and supplies. That is why we see concrete columns and rebar sticking up from the roof for future construction.
8. Wars happened in the past between Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, etc but every Dec 9 all the South American Presidents meet to wish continued cooperation and travel between their countries. Lots of tumultuous times in Peru's history.
9. Average age for life in rural is 70, city is 74. Pork is served at weddings. Guinea pig is served at celebrations with family.
10. Everyone votes at age 18 and if not then pay a fine. If non-voting person wants to travel someplace, it had been noted he/she did not vote so they must pay their fine and then they can get their ticket to travel.
11. One president ordered doctors to perform tubal ligations. When women realized they were not getting pregnant the president was ousted. Corruption is big problem and many presidents have been imprisoned.
12. People need to make at least 800 soles per month. Our Tuk-tuk drivers make 60 soles per day, work 6 days a week. Police make more money than teachers.
13. So much more to Peru…pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and Spanish times…wow! But it seems now Peru moving forward with mining, fishing and tourism!
14. Be sure to visit Peru. I traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) and would recommend them. Want more info, just email me at

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