What Are Chullpas?

After a long van ride yesterday, I do not think any of us were excited about taking a ride again, but we did. About an hour's ride from our hotel to the other side of Puno, we arrived at Sillustani with a local guide. Here we saw pre-Incan ruins, chullpas, which were funeral towers where people were buried in these massive carved tombs. The chullpas are cone-shaped, bigger at the top than the bottom. This "city of the dead", 150 small towers and 50 large towers, overlooks a beautiful Lake Umayo!
Lunch was at a restaurant in a Puno which is a city with roads like the steep roads in San Francisco, CA. In some places people can only get to their home by walking a hundred plus steps up to their place. Rent is cheap but everything a home needs must be carried up! We walked to a couple of plazas, the black market, and the regular farmer's market where vendors sell everything: pots, pans, food, clothing, etc.
Back at the hotel, I took a walk to Lake Titicaca while others are at a 15 year olds celebration in becoming that age. Dinner is later.

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