Last Day in Cuzco

Quick posting today as we just arrived back at the hotel and in 2 hours I need to have laundry washed, be showered, luggage organized at least its first packing, write this post and be ready to leave for farewell dinner since some in our group return home tomorrow. For me, tomorrow is an early start and 8.5 hour bus ride to Puno at 12,500 feet. A high point on the road is 14,500 feet. We will be by Lake Titicaca by nightfall!
Anyway, today we visited an archeological ruin, Tipon, south of Cuzco. It has a maze of irrigation channels still in use 500 years later! Then visited a baker who makes the 100% wheat "chuta" bread, baked in an oven made of clay and human hair. He has his business in Oropesa, the village known as "the capitol of bread". The small flat rolls are popular on a daily basis and the wheel-shaped flavored larger one for celebrations. Lunch was at a restaurant overlooking Cuzco; great location and delicious lunch…quinoa soup, baked lamb and potato, and lucma (Peruvian fruit) ice cream.
Then we visited Saqsaywaman, which means head of a puma. It is another archeological ruin where only 20% of it still remains. The temple here had to be huge back in its day because the rocks that are still standing here are massive! It is still unbelievable to image how all this construction of Inca temples, terraces, guard houses, etc was accomplished!

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