Part 3 of 4; Mountain Weaving in Chinchero

Chinchero is a mountain village at 12,500 feet elevation and it was a beautiful sunny day, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. We visited a co-op weaving center for lunch and a weaving demonstration. Lunch was corn tortillas with a chili sauce for them, potato soup, and lupine beans mash and a side of rice; all delicious! The man who organized this center learned English in Lima after a year of life there and returned to his home here. He offers his facility to different families per week so the weaving tradition continues and the woman can sell her products made from sheep, baby alpaca or adult alpaca. These women wear black skirts with very colorful underskirts, bright colored tops, very big and stiff hats, and shoes made from recycled tires. The young woman this week walk to the center from an hour away. They showed us all steps from washing the fiber to coloring it; excellent demo!

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