Part 2 of 4; School Visit in Chinchero

As we each stepped off our van, a school child's hand grabbed ours and walked us to their school. I was met by a young girl, escorted to her school desk and shown her notebook with completed writing and math exercises. Our guide organized a classroom activity allowing the students to learn our name and remember everyone's name, then each child introduced the self, their are, and what they want to be when grown up. Some want to be a doctor, teacher, police, singer, lawyer, and 2 want to be civil engineers! Their parents are farmers who never had the schooling these children are receiving. Students do academics at school and go home to work on the farm; therefore, there is no homework. My young girl wants to be a singer, and she sang, and then she and her friend sang for us all. I watched while she solved a multiplication problem for me. It is obvious this 3rd grader does not know her multiplication table. We then went outdoors to create a circle and song the Hokey-pokey song. Grand Circle Foundation collects donations with no administrative fee so all dollars go to the school project. The projects to be done here will be toilets and a computer center.

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