Leaving Crater Lake in the Smoke!

As any traveler knows, a plan may need a modification. And so it was today! The smoke from the wildfire 5 miles away last night from our room at the lodge was now a fire 1/4 mile from a section of the west rim drive at Crater Lake National Park; therefore, we could not bicycle that road. So instead we drove the east rim and hopped on our bicycles still allowing us a wonderful day. The bicycle ride was a combination of time on a road and bike trail which also was hosting a running relay race. There was lots to view: mountains, wildflowers, lakes, trail runners and other bicyclists, kayakers on the lake waving back to me, and I only made one wrong turn….but soon got me back to where I was supposed to be!
About 16 miles later we had a support stop and an additional 14 miles down the road was lunch at Watson Falls. As always, delicious lunch, then hike to the waterfalls, and a couple of riders in our group did the final 14 miles.
We had been bicycling by the Umpqua River and at one stop during our ride to Roseburg, tonight's destination, we checked out the "colliding rivers". I think it is the Little River that collides with the Umpqua River depending upon water levels from heavy snow and rain. It was a popular swimming area today as the temperature was above 90 degrees!
Right now we are relaxing in Roseburg especially after a hot shower and cooling in air conditioning with smoke-free air! This is our final night and dinner with our Bicycle Adventures group. Trip time has gone quickly! It has been fun!

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