This Old Car Still Has It….

I do love this old car!
                     I do love this old car!

What is “it” about when I see an old car and think it is really cool looking? It is not like I actually ever owned a car of this make or year to relate through a memory! That might possibly bring happiness to others as they see a particular old car, maybe similar to one he/she owned, but not me.

Old cars often sit in a lonesome spot. Have you noticed? Their colors, rusted body, broken windows, flat tires, and ancient look do tell a story, if I could only hear it. Since I cannot, I create the story. I imagine the life of the car when it had wheels that rolled through the countryside carrying a couple on their way to some special place. The car in a time where all was productive, fun, and carefree … there was action, the car was moving!

But even now as the old car sits alone, it still has “it” because I gave it a life story and reminiscing is good for my soul. In my mind, the car will always roll on…it still has it!

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