Read, Read, and Read!

Reading is important for many reasons:

  1. You are one person who can interact in your life with any type of person you read about: poor, wealthy, happy, sad, successful or not, and get strength or insight as you move yourself forward in your own life when interacting with people or in the situation yourself. That’s why I love biographies!
  2. You can learn new facts … not that you’ll necessarily remember them, but you know you can return to the reading material when you need the facts again. That’s why I love reference books: encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks.
  3. You can be buoyed in spirit, or not, dependent on the happy, hilarious or sad reading material. That’s why I like comic books, cartoons, survivor stories, soapbox tales.
  4. You can be motivated to better your personal health. That’s why I like books about food, exercise programs, the science of good health…mental, physical and emotional.
  5. You can be challenged to achieve a goal you set for yourself. Would it be climbing a mountain, swimming or trekking across vast distances, playing on a team or meeting your own personal goal? I love books specifically about mountain climbers and you will find your area of adventurers, athletes, explorers or humanitarians accomplishing great things and be motivated by the individual too. That’s why I love autobiographies, travel and adventure books!
  6. You can love, or like, some reading material. You do not have to like any or all that I like or love. It does not matter, simply read what you wish and you will determine what you will want to read more of, and it no doubt will change as you age…I believe, as I continue to read.

I read this quote:

We read to know we’re not alone            – by William Nicholson, Shadowlands

Reading does allow us to think about what we read. All brain activity is important from young to old, and especially as we age. This quote allows me to realize I am simply one person on this earth while I read about so many different people, places and ideas! How terrific is that?

It is wonderful to read! Take time to read! Today…

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