Writing 12: Share Outdoor Areas With Me!

The only way people will enjoy and protect an outdoor area is to get out in it and use it; however, I do draw the line on certain activities not being the best. Trails for hiking and mountain biking seem to do okay in the shared space, just as I enjoyed snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. But as soon as I hear and then see snowmobiles, dirt bikes or any motorized vehicle I will admit I become a bit crazy. It may be from a long-held memory and reaction when almost run over by a snowmobile while cross-country skiing!

I think it best to keep the quieter activities on one side of outdoor areas and the noisier, fast moving vehicles on another side…. horseback riders, you’ll have to tell me where you feel best. But for me, please protect our outdoor areas and let me enjoy it safely and in peace; this is all I ask!

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