Writing 10: what a sight!

image There is a beautiful national seashore in this area. Lots of green trees and shrubs, a variety of colorful wildflowers, and swampy dark-colored waters. Hikers, mountain bikers, people on horses can share the area with me today, but it is this crab that my focus concentrates on as it sits on a barnacled rock.

I think it’s cute, and if crab “looks” we’re on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe even a 10! It is colorful, and does not side step away as I slowly approach and have a seat on another barnacled rock. It has dark legs and also reddish colored claws. I think one of his eyeballs is looking at me, yet when I wave a hand nearby there is no blink!

I could have focused on a wildflower, but there were many. And so this crab, which there were many to, caught my attention. Don’t you think it is cute?

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