Social Media to Inspire a Post Idea?

Oh come on now! Wherever we turn we are bombarded by social media…television and radio talk hosts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Yes, they could inspire a post idea; however, I flash-write my 15 minute writings in a notebook and spare the world from those writings in my blog. I hope I am doing the world a favor, yet there are others who feel we need to know every thought they have. Not me! Save your thought. Instead, sit down and string a few thoughts together into a full conversation with more than “x” number of characters.

But since this is a writing assignment, here goes. A Tweet from BluMarTen: “In our universe a star explodes and dies every second and there’s you, worrying about work tomorrow.” Okay, that tweet has a fighting chance for me to consider it respectable. It is sort of up there with don’t sweat the small stuff…easier to remember and just as important. Inspired? Glad to know, let’s talk…


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