6 Alarm Fire?

“It’s gonna be a six alarm fire”, said the young man standing next to me with camera in hand. “Really?” I said.I was walking a Long Island neighborhood wishing to photograph areas by the canals. Yet soon I found myself amidst people driving toward a fire, flames and dark smoke, with them asking me about the fire. I had no idea, but soon other people told me six houses were burning. Others thought I was like them trying to get close to the fire! It was amazing how many people zero in on an area in flames. They would tell me, we just want to check it out. Others would provide their best guess of what happened and what is happening. Amazing to me since we are all many blocks away!

The young man informed me this fire will be headline TV news tonight, and definitely a 6 alarm. What exactly does that mean? I had to research it. Apparently different fire departments have different guidelines. It is not the number of firehouses responding, but instead the number of companies/units and firefighters. All I can say about today, I saw two helicopters in the air, plenty of fire trucks, rescue squad trucks, and many spectators driving up and down the roads by the canals to find out what was happening. Yet he is probably right, it will be on the news!

I hope everyone is safe! And thank you firefighters for the work you do!


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